Our Story

The Sotto Voce ("soft voice," in Italian) story began over twenty three years ago (est 1991), when an old family recipe for infused olive oil found its way to a popular Pacific Northwest Italian restaurant. Soon rave reviews led to the bottling of the savory infusions, letting customers cook, dip and drizzle the oils at home.

Before long, the Sotto Voce brand was born and the "made from scratch" oils and balsamic and white wine vinegars garnered a spot at the day stalls at one of the Seattle's leading landmarks, Pike Place Market. The day stalls at the Market feature local produce and handiwork from Washington farmers and artisans--Sotto Voce was a natural fit and quickly developed a loyal following, becoming the gourmet cooking and dipping oil of choice for foodies everywhere. In 2001, Sotto Voce moved to its current home in the "Triangle Building" at the market, just down the street from the original Starbucks and flagship Sur La Table.

While the original Olio Santo - a tasty blend of rosemary, thyme, bay leaves, peppercorns, garlic and mild chili flavors - remains the perennial, all-purpose favorite, Sotto Voce offers a variety of handcrafted oils and vinegars, ranging from the tangy earthiness of Olio Pomodoro to the subtle spice of the beloved Aceto Balsamico. Each bottle is carefully prepared, filled to the brim with oils and vinegars made in small, premium batches at our Spanaway, WA location.

You will find that the flavors and aromas of each locally grown herb and spice in Sotto Voce infusions sparkle, without overwhelming the gentle sweetness of the superior oil, harvested from the Puglia region in Southern Italy. Nicknamed "green gold" for its valuable properties, olive cultivation in this area dates back thousands of years, and the oil produced here is frequently noted as among the best in the world. Sotto Voce Balsamic infusions feature high-quality vinegar from Modena, Italy, where balsamic vinegar originated and has been produced since the Middle Ages.

Sotto Voce has always been, and will remain, a family owned boutique brand, committed to producing an exceptional product for discerning palates far and wide. Squisito!